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Maria Farantouri, Nadia Weinberg, Elioar Moav Veniadis Simon Wiesenthal
Mauthausen Trilogy - Music by Mikis Theodorakis
Order #: 01108
In 1965, poet Iacovos Kambanellis, a prisoner in Mauthausen during World War II, wrote four poems on the subject, and asked his good friend, the noted composer, Mikis Theodortakis, to set them to music. Theodorakis, who, during the Nazi Occupation was sent to German and Italian prisons, created beautiful and haunting melodies to compliment Kambanellis's stirring poems.The first recording of these compositions were originally made over 30 years ago in Greece by the now world famous Greek artist, MariaFarantouri. In this new recording of "The Mauthausen Cantata", produced in 1995, each of the selections are sung in Hebrew (Elioar Moav Vendiadis), English (Nadia Weinberg) and in Greek (Maria Fantouri). The last track of this Cd consists of a speech in German by Holocaust survivor, Simon Wiesenthal, a former prisoner at Mauthausen.The booklet contains full translations in English, French and German. This is a unique and stirring recording, and is highly recommended.
1.   Song of Songs - Hebrew (Elinoar Moav Veniadis)
2.   Song of Songs - Greek (Maria Farantouri)
3.   Andonis - Greek (Maria Farantouri)
4.   The Fugitive - Greek (Maria Farantouri)
5.   When The War Is Over - Greek (Maria Farantouri)
6.   Song of Songs - English (Nadia Weinberg)
7.   Andonis - English (Nadia Weinberg)
8.   The Fugitive - English (Nadia Weinberg)
9.   When The War Is Over - English (Nadia Weinberg)
10.   Song of Songs - Hebrew (Elinoar Moav Veniadis)
11.   Andonis - Hebrew (Elinoar Moav Veniadis)
12.   The Fugitive - Hebrew (Elinoar Voav Veniadis)
13.   When The War Is Over - Hebrew (Elinoar Voav Veniadis)
14.   Speech in Mauthausen - German (Simon Weisenthal)

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