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Cover Shot
Various (Barry Sisters, Seymour Rechtzeit, Jan Bart, Dave Tarras, Joe & Paul,etc.)
Music From The Yiddish Radio Project - Archival Recordings From Yiddish Radio 1930's - 1950's

Order #: 01182
This companion CD to the 10 part NPR series on Yiddish Radio consists of selctions from actual Yiddish radio broadcasts featuring some of the most popular artists of Yiddish theatre, film and song. Included are the actual commericals as they were broadcast in Yiddish. A wonderul musical document of 'The Golden Age of Yiddish Radio'.
1.   Introduction to Yiddish Melodies in Swing (Sam Medoff and The Yiddish Swing Orchestra)
2.   Bridegroom Special (Sam Medoff and The Yiddish Swing Orchestra)
3.   Adler Shoes Commercial
4.   Second Avenue Square Dance (Dave Tarras Orchestra)
5.   Oh Mama, I'm So In Love ( Barry Sisters)
6.   WEVD Station ID
7.   Di Goldene Chasene (Abe Ellstein Orchestra)
8.   Manischewitz Matzo Commercial ( Barry Sisters & Jan Bart)
9.   Samson and Delliah ( Barry Sisters and Jan Bart)
10.   Hebrew National Meats Commercial
11.   Joe and Paul Commercial ( Kofsky & Shlomo Secunda)
12.   Joe & Paul ( Barton Brothers)
13.   WEVD Station ID
14.   Levine Mit Zayn Flying Machine (Charles Cohan)
15.   WVFW Station ID (Frank Daniels)
16.   Parkway Cafeteria Commercial (Rubin Goldberg & Hannah Hollander)
17.   Dona Dona (Moishe Oysher & Sholom Secunda)
18.   WBBC Station ID (Brett Childs)
19.   Vu Bistdu Gevesen Vor Prohibition (Naftule Brandwein)
20.   Milady Frozen Fruit Products Commercial ( Pincus Sisters)
21.   Ajax Commercial (Seymour Rechtzeit)
22.   Surrey Mitn Fringe Afn Top, Oy S'iz A Sheyne Fremorgen (Seymour Rechtzeit)
23.   Introduction to Yiddish Melodies In Swing (Sam Medoff and The Yiddish Swingtet)
24.   Yidel Mitn Fiedel ( Barry Sisters with Sam Medoff & the Swingtet)
25.   WCNW Station ID
26.   Turkish Yalle Ve Uve (Naftule Brandwein Orchestra)
27.   Dayenu (Sam Medoff and the Yiddish Swingtet)
28.   Eastside Gluchstern's Restaurant Commercial ( Pincus Sisters)
29.   Barbaslo Commercial (Seymour Rechtzeit)
30.   Sign-off to Yiddish Melodies in Swing ( Barry Sisters with Sam Medoff & TheYiddish Swingtet)

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