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Francoise Atlan and Zoubelda Idrissi
Chants De Traverse - Recital de Musiques Judeo-Marocaines - 2CD Set

Order #: 01188
A two-CD set of concert material by Moroccan singers Francoise Atlan and Zoubeida Idrissi; Atlan is Jewish, Idrissi is Muslim, but both are highly successful recording artists. This is an album that, as its title suggests, is splendid evidence of the close kinship between Jewish and Muslim music in this part of the world. The music is drawn from the Jewish- Moroccan traditions Hebrew, Arabic, Ladino, sacred and secular. Idrissi has a smoky alto voice, Atlan a lilting soprano and the band, Orchestre Gharnat, is wonderful. Perky, rhythmic and at times even danceable music, well worth seeking out. 2 Cds over 110 MinutesReview by George Robinson..."The Jewish Week
1.   Touchiyat-Prelude Instrumental
2.   Mir Loghram L'Emir De La Pasion- Qsida De Masmoudi (Zoubeida Idrissi)
3.   Shalom Alechem - La Mujer (Ladinoo Selection) (Francoise Atlan)
4.   Qsida Meknassiva (Zoubeda Idrissi)
5.   Zine El Fassi - Oh Beaute De Fes (Francoise Atlan)
6.   Ya Nass Ya Nass - Wedding Song (Francoise Atlan)
7.   Ana Kad Kana: I Kalil - Moi J'Avai Un Amour (Zoubeida Idrissi)
8.   Al Guelssa De Fass - Qsida De Cheikh Leili Abassi ( Gharnatt Orchestra)
9.   Mal Habibi Malo (Francoise Atlan)
10.   Kelbi Ihwa Mouachak Wa Saherni Jamalou
11.   Achki F'Zine N'Zaha - Qsida De Cheikh Ben Omar (Zoubeida Idrissi)
12.   Hamavdil - Belarj-Qsida De Ammar Lachaab (Francoise Atlan)
13.   Adon Haslichot - Prayer De Minha De Kipour (Francoise Atlan & Zoubeida Idrissi)
14.   Elli Ghadi Le Sahara-Quasida De Cheikh Leili el Abassi (Francoise Atlan & Zoubeida Idrissi)

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