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Tova Ben Zvi
Mit A Zemerl In Hartz - With A Song In The Heart (2 Cd Set)

Order #: 01296
Tova Ben Zvi has been singing and recording Yiddish folk songs in Israel for many years. This specially priced 2 CD set features 57 Yiddish songs, many of which are not found on any otrhe CDs. Her collection of songs of the Shoah, "Song From The Ghetto & Holocaust Days" in English and Hebrew, has been highly praised and is also available from our web site.
1.   CD #1: A Zemerl
2.   Achtsik Er Un Zibetsik Zi
3.   Du Zolst Nit Geyn
4.   Lomit Zich Iberbetn
5.   Vos-zshe Vilstu Mayn Tayer Kind
6.   Reyzele
7.   Baym Taychele
8.   Margaritkelech
9.   In Mayn Gortn
10.   Hey, Tzigelech
11.   Amol Iz Geven A Mayse
12.   Belz
13.   Dana, Dana
14.   Tumbalalaika
15.   Der Rebe Elimelech
16.   A yiddishe Mame
17.   Rozhinkes Mit Mandlin
18.   In An Orm Shtibele
19.   Oyfn Pripetchik
20.   Di Beryozke
21.   Dray Yingelech
22.   A Boim
23.   Kinder Yorn
24.   Dem Milners Trern
25.   Fort Der Chossidl
26.   Hot A Yid A Vaybele
27.   Der Rebe Hot Geheysn Freilech Zayn
28.   CD #2: A Zemer
29.   Undzer Nigundl
30.   Amol Iz Geven A Klein Yidele
31.   Treist Main Folk
32.   Zion
33.   Tsvei Trykes
34.   Yiskor L'zecher Herzl
35.   Friling Lid
36.   Zing Main folk
37.   S'iz Vider Undzere Di Erd
38.   Nor Foroys
39.   Tsu Der Mama Erd
40.   Zol Zain
41.   Yede Nacht
42.   Blaib Noch A Vaile Mit Mir
43.   Der Zumer Geit Avek
44.   Nisht Dos Hob Ich Gemeint
45.   Farmacht Iz Main Tir
46.   Di Zn Fargeit In Flamen
47.   S'hot Ver Ongeklapt In Shoyb
48.   Ich Bin Amol Geven Raich
49.   Fun Alts Vos Ich Hob Nor Gehat
50.   Fun Alts Vos Ich Hob Nor Gehat
51.   Chvais Nit, Ch'gedenk Nit
52.   Nigun Azoy Vi Du
53.   Farnacht In Yerushalayim
54.   A Malech Vert Geboirn
55.   Di Gefalene
56.   Dos Lidl Fun Goldenem Land
57.   Yosl Ber
58.   Oyf Simches Bay Yidn

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