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Richard Kaplan
Life of The Worlds - Journeys In Jewish Sacred Music

Order #: 01300
A wonderful follow up to Richard Kaplan & Michael Ziegler's "Tuning The Soul". This new recording by Richard Kaplan, consisting of 18 songs, with a 32-page booklet containing all texts in English, transliteration, and in Hebrew or Yiddish, The songs come from all around the Jewish world.Notable pieces include the ecological lament 'Kinah Lekhurban Gan Eden' and the first recordings in America of a Husyattiner (Polish Hasidic) version of the extended Kabbalistic song 'El Mistater', a Khatsi Kaddish as done in Jerusalem to the tune of the famous Sephardic folksong 'Avram Avinu', a rousing song called 'Le'El Adir Neranenah' from the Afghani Jewish tradition, and a beautiful Moroccan 'Eyn Keloheynu'. The CD represents an honoring of traditional Jewish music, as well as what Rav Abraham Kook called "making the old new." Among the wonderful musicians on the recording is found the voice of the first Moroccan woman rabbi, Rabbi Tsipi Gabbai! Members of such accomplished Klezmer bands as Brave Old World and the San Francisco Klezmer Ensemble appear on the CD, as well as master musicians from Egypt, Morocco, and Israel.Each song has a rather elaborate history detailed in the booklet.
1.   Ha'aderet Veh'emunah--LeKhay Olamim (Yemenite Melody)
2.   Le'El Adir Neranenah - Afghani Jewish Chant
3.   Bati Legani (From Megillat Shir Hashirim ) Chassidi Melody
4.   Kinah Lekhurban Ganb Eden - Based on Eastern Eruopena 'Kinah' (Lament)
5.   Sephardi Yerushalmi Khatsi Kaddish
6.   Navah Tehilah - Composed to Afghani Ffolksong
7.   Hayoshevet Baganim - Composed to Yemenite Folksong
8.   Eyn Kiloheynu - Moroccan Musical Setting
9.   Modeh Ani/Elohay Neshamah - Salonican Sephardic Melody
10.   El Shema Koli - Moroccan Para-liturgical Poem Set to Algerian Feedom Song.
11.   Reb Nachman's Niggun - Niggun Composed by Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav
12.   Hishtapkhut Hanefesh - Yiddish poetry and Melody by Rabbi Menakhem Mendel of Vitebsk
13.   Niggun of The Alter Rebbe - Attributed to Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Lyady.
14.   Ve'erastikh Li - Composed to Salonican Sephardic Tune.
15.   El Mistater - Chassidic Composition by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi n 193
16.   Ashrey
17.   Yemeni Shema - Yemeni Melody
18.   Grandfather Sang A Song - Based On Yiddish Folksong Melikhe - Melukhe

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