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Isaac Algazi (compiled by Joel Rubin & Rita Ottens)
Cantor Isaac Algazi - Sweet Singer of Israel: Ottoman Jewish Music - Early 20th Century (Turkey)

Order #: 01307
Beginning in the 1920s there was not a singe Jewish home inTurkey with a gramophone that did not possess Algazi's records, and by the late 1930s he was know throughout Turkey and beyond as "Sweet Singer of Israel". Algazi was admired not only by Jews but also by Turks, who considered him one of the their greatest musicians. Algazi's recordings of liturgical music document the rise of the Sephardi chazzan as soloist. Since the medieval period, the chazzan had been a representative of the congregation, whose role was limited to leading the services, which were sung communally by the congregation. Algazi was the first to establish the art of Chazzanut--solo cantorial singing--in public prayer. In so doing, he influenced 20th century Sephardi Canotrialmusic throughtout Turkey, the Balkan states, and in Israel. The enclosed information on the selections by, Edwin Seroussi, director of the Jewish Music Research Centre at Hebrew University in Jerusalem
1.   Selichot and Piyyutim for High Holidays : Kamti B'shmoret
2.   Anna Ke'av Zedoni
3.   Im Afes Rova'haken
4.   Avinu Melenu
5.   Yedei Rashim L'Britecha Shchen Zevu U'Shevu'a
6.   Adonay Sham'ati Shim'acha Yareti
7.   Ichila La'El
8.   Hayom Harat Olam
9.   Hayom Harat Olam (In The European style)
10.   Shabbat: Kiddush
11.   B'mota'ei Yom Menucha
12.   Feastivals: Kiddush L'Shavuot
13.   Teromeme Bat Ramah and Tzame'a Nafshi
14.   Maftirim Selections
15.   Ahallelah shem Elohim
16.   Yshlach Mi Shamayim
17.   Religious Songs in Judeo-Spanish: Al Dio Alto
18.   Es Razon De Alabar
19.   Folk Songs in Judeo-Spanish: Ay Mancebo, Ay Mancebo
20.   Quien Conocio Mi Mancevez
21.   Malana Tripa De Madre
22.   Cantica De Ajugar
23.   Reina De La Gracia
24.   Zionist Song: Hatikvah

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