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Cover Shot
Adolphe Attia and Choir
Musiques Judeo-Francaises: Judeo-French Liturgy Of The 18th & 19th Centuries

Order #: 01337
Press Release: In the 19th century, there were four main Jewish centres in France. One in Provence—the Jews of the Pope whose most prestigious representative was to be Darius Milhaud— another around Bordeaux and Bayonne, a larger one in Alsace-Lorraine,and finally one in Paris where many Jews had settled following their emancipation during the Revolution and the consistoires created by Napoleon. Most of the selections on this CD have not been recrded before. A solo cantor and a mixed choir sing accompanied on the harpsichord or organ. The comtadine poems are sung in Provenćal language, sometimes mixed with Hebrew or Aramean. The Bordeaux and Bayonne traditions are of the Portuguese nation from south-western France, while the melodies from Alsace and Lorraine have the solemn character of German music forms. In Parisian consistorial music, the use of the organ, the beauty of the choirs and the finesse of the arrangements reveal a form of cult aiming to integrate modern aesthetical standards.
1.   Liturgy From The Comtat Venaissin: Lecha Dodi
2.   Yitgadal
3.   Hodou Ladonay Ki Tov
4.   Az Yashir Moshe
5.   Mizmor L'David
6.   Koumi, Koumi
7.   Beruchim Atem
8.   Efta Sefatay Berinah
9.   Messies Qu'entendes - Circumcision Piyyut in Provencal Dialect
10.   Un Cabri (Had Gadya)
11.   Sefardic Liturgy of The Portuguese Rite: Tehilat Adonay
12.   Kaddish
13.   Adonay Malach Geout Labesh
14.   Hashkiveynu
15.   Keter
16.   Shofar
17.   Hayom Harat Olam
18.   Adon Olam
19.   Ashkenazi Liturgy: Veshamru/Kaddish
20.   Shofet
21.   Apid
22.   Adirey Ayumoh, Adonay Melech
23.   Veal Yede Avadecha / Zacharti Lach
24.   Enosh
25.   Shney Zetim
26.   Uvnuho Yomar

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