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Abraham A. Schwadron: Editor (From Field and Archive Recordings)
Chad Gadya - One Kid (Folkways Recording F-8920)

Order #: 01349
Chad Gadya is the last of four semi-liturgical songs added to the the Traditional Passover seder. It first appeared in print in 1590, in a Prague Haggadah. The 25 examples of Chad Gadya contained on this recording, perfomed in Aramaic, Yiddish, Ladino, Russian, Italian, and German, were selected form an extensive collection--180 versions--compiled by the editor-researcher Abraham A. Schwadron, Chairman of the Music Department at University of California at Los Angeles. Included with this recording, are the inserts that were included in the original Folkways Record with detailed description of each version of the Chad Gadya. Truly a historical document.
1.   Tarnapol, Galicia : Poland (Abraham Schwadron)
2.   Aramaic: Frankfurt, Germany; Hungary-Czechoslovakia (Leo Rosenbluth (with Chorus))
3.   German: Kassel, Germany (Theodore Katz)
4.   Yiddish: Russia - Poland (Harry Abrams)
5.   Yiddish: Balkiersk, Rusia (Florence Lewis)
6.   Aramaic: Kalamei, Poland (Myer Fund)
7.   Aramaic: Leodina, rumania (Moshe Moskovits)
8.   Aramaic: Chotin, Bessarabia (Ruth Rubin)
9.   Greek and Aramaic: Ionnina, Greece ( Unknown Female Vocalist ( Leo Levi -Recordist))
10.   Ladino: Salonika, Greece ( Unknown Male Vocalist (Leo Levi - Recordist))
11.   Aramaic: Corfu, Greece ( Unknown Group (Leo Levi - Recordist))
12.   Aramaic and Italian: Firenze, Italy (Fernando Belgrado - Rabbi/Cantor, Israelitica Communita, Firenze)
13.   Italian: Venice, Italy (Colombo Vitliano - Cantor Synagofue in The Venice Ghetto)
14.   Aramaic: Verona, Italy (Emanuele Weiss-Levi - Rabbi, Israelitica Communita, Verona)
15.   Ladino: Istanbul, Turkey (Isaac Behar)
16.   Ladino: Turkey (Edwin Seroussi)
17.   Aramaic and Arabic: Casablanca, Morocco (Solomon Benchetrit)
18.   Aramaic: Persia (Bracha Zion)
19.   Aramaic: As-Sulayaniya, Iraq (Kurdistan) ( Unknow Vocalist)
20.   Ladino: Rhodes, Greece (Maurice B. Hasson)
21.   Ladino: Rhodes, Greece (Morris Mizrahi)
22.   Russian: Bialystok, Poland (Bluma Jarrick)
23.   Judeo-Provencal: Provence, South France (Uri Epstein)
24.   Aramaic and Ladino: Tangier, Morocco (Haim Ha Cohen)
25.   Aramaic: Yemen (Yair Raphael Elnadav)

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