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Cover Shot
Kim & Reggie Harris & Rabbi Jonathan Kligler with Pete Seeger, Sonny Ochs, Juanita Nelson, etc.
Let My People Go! A Jewish & African American Celebration Of Freedom
Order #: 01406
This CD is the outgrowth of the friendship between Black musician/activist Reggie Harris and Jonathan Kligler, Rabbi of Kehillat Leven Shalem, the Woodstock Jewish Congregation in New York. Their relationship grew to include the Harrises' attendance at the annual Kligler Seders, and the concept for this collaboration; that oppression, struggle and hope are a common ground between the Jewish and African American communities. Let My People Go interweaves songs in Hebrew from the Passover Haggadah with traditional Black spirituals, and songs from the Civil Rights era. Interspersed with the songs are spoken firsthand accounts of watershed events in the modern Civil Rights Movement: Juanita Nelson describes her desegregation battles in Washington, DC and Cincinnati, Rabbi Arthur Waskow tells of his life changing encounters with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Other accounts include Pete Seeger on the evolution of 'We Shall Overcome', and Sonny Ochs on the songs her brother, Phil Ochs, compossed pertaining to conditions in Mississippi. Included is a unique verison of Emma Lazarus', "The Collossus" set to Irving Berlin's "Give Me Your Tired Your Poor" entwined with the spiritual, "Motherless Child". Highly recommended!
1.   B'Chol Dor V'Dor (In Every Generation) /I'm On My Way
2.   Ha Lachma Anya (This Is The Bread of Oppression)
3.   Avodim Hayinu (Slaves Were We) - Yiddish and English
4.   In The Mississippi River
5.   Remembering Phil Ochs (Spoken by Sonny Ochs)
6.   What's That I Hear (composed by Phil Ochs)
7.   The New Colossus/ Give Me Your Tired Your Poor/ Motherless Child
8.   Democratic National Convention 1964
9.   Ma Lecha Ha'Yam (Sea, Why Do You Flee)
10.   Man come Into Egypt
11.   Ilu Finu (Were Our Mouths Oceans Of Song)
12.   Let My People Go: Story of An Activist's Life
13.   Freedom Road
14.   I Have A Million Nightingales
15.   Venomar Lefanav (Let Us Sing A New Song)
16.   We Shall Overcome: Evolution of A Song (Spoken by Pete Seeger)
17.   Ani Ma'amin (I Believe)/ We Shall Overcome
18.   I Won't Turn Back

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