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Yehoram Gaon
Sabbath Songs In The Sephardic Tradition & Canticos Tradicionales De Pesah ( Passover) - 2 CDs
Holiday Songs
Order #: 00886
2 CD set!"Sepahrdic Shabbat' is an interpretation of Sephardic Shabbat tunes as performed in the varuous Sephardic communties in Jerusalem, Turkey, Constantinople, and Amsterdam.Accompanied by philharmonic orchestra and choir."Passover In The Sephardic Tradition" features traditional Sephardic Passover songs in both Ladino and Hebrew. Neither of these wonderful recrdings have ever been available befre on CD
1.   Sephardic Passover: Ele Moade Adonay
2.   Kadesh Urhats
3.   Uv'Moftim - Elu Eser Makot
4.   Kama Ma'Alot Tovot (Dayenu)
5.   Sovre Una Cuanta Mas (In Ladino)
6.   Betset Yisrael Mimitsrayim
7.   Ki Lo Nae
8.   Adir Hu
9.   Quen Supiense Y Entendiense (In Ladino)
10.   Un Cavritico (In Ladino)
11.   Cantor De Los Cantares
12.   Shezufat Shemesh
13.   Odecha Ki Anitani
14.   Ir Me Quero Madre (In Ladino)
15.   Sephardic Shabbat: L'Cha Dodi - As Sung In Jerusalem
16.   D'Ror Yikra - As Sung In Jerusalem
17.   Hashkivenu - As Sung In Jerusalem
18.   Azamer Beshvachin - As Sung In Jerusalem
19.   Mizmor L'David - As Sung In Constantinople
20.   Eyn Ke'Elokekynu - As Sung In Jerusalem
21.   Yigdal - As Sung In Constantinople
22.   Yah Ribon - As Sung In Jerusalem
23.   Adon Olam - As Sung In Amsterdam
24.   Nakdishach - As Sung In Jerusalem
25.   Tsur Mishlo - As sung In Jerusalem and Turkey
26.   Eli-Eliyahu - As sung In Turkey
27.   El Dio Alto - As Sung In Jerusalem and Turkey
28.   Hamavdil - As Sung In Jerusalem

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